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PRINCE2 is a publicly available method for the management of projects which is promoted by the UK government. It is applied in the UK, and increasingly around the world, to a wide range of projects from construction to IT projects. It has a highly developed process model which describes in detail to steps a project should go through to in order to be executed in a controlled environment. In addition to clear processes PRINCE2 also has a clearly defined set of responsibilities. These include the roles and responsibilities of the project manager, senior user, senior supplier and project executive or sponsor. To complement these PRINCE2 nullfull includes detailed templates for the core project management documents such as a progress report and change request form.

PMP Certification is a qualification which evaluates to competence of project managers to deliver project based on their knowledge of project management and experience. The certification uses PMI guide to project management body of knowledge or PMBoK guide as the basis of much of the learning. The requirements for PMP include up to 5 years of project management (reduced to 3 years for those with a degree) and a 35 hours of contact time for training. The PMP is one of the most widely recognised project management qualifications in the world. It is now strong outside the USA especially in Asia and Europe. However it is not a project management method, it demonstrates the competence of the project manager. As such is very different from PRINCE2.
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PRINCE2 – describes What to Do
· A Method
· Integrated set of processes and themes covering the full project lifecycle
· Covers all project management roles – including the project board, project manager, team managers, project assurance and support
· Does not cover interpersonal skills
· Makes reference to techniques – e.g. suggests that when scheduling activities, charts might be useful, but does not tell you how to draw one
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 Axelos Prince2 Certificate for sale -  Axelos Prince2 Certificate for sale WhatsApp+1(743) 232-0225

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Get PRINCE2 Certificate Online WhatsApp+1(743) 232-0225

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