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PRINCE2 is a structured project management method and practitioner program certification in the UK government, other countries that have adopted PRINCE2 include Western Europe and Australia. It was introduced to both public and private sectors because of the ability to deliver projects in time with the right quality, within the budget and scope

PRINCE2 projects are split into 4 main parts of the initiation, the stage boundaries, directions, and project closure. These stages are separated by the decision points in each of the closing stages the performance is assessed to decide whether to move on to the next stage of the project or not. The certification is useful to people in design, development and project deliveries.

PRINCE 2 Requirements WhatsApp +1(539)901-5809

Their 2 levels of PRINCE2 certification – PRINCE2 foundation, you’ll be able to understand the method work effectively on the project and to understand basic methodology and terminology of PRINCE2. For the foundation certification, you are required to have basic knowledge of PRINCE2 project management there no specific conditions required.

-PRINCE2 practitioner, in this level you customize the principles suitable for the project requirements and the person is eligible enough to manage teams using the PRINCE2 method. The requirements of PRINCE2 certification are PRINCE2 foundation pass, PMP or CAPM pass, IPMA level A/B/C/D

PRINCE2 Salary

Survey conducted proves that certified professionals in PMP and PRINCE2 earn more in project management than the non-certified. The PMP certified female professional earn an average of $105,545 while the PMP certified male professionals earn an average of $115,973

The PRINCE2 male professionals earn $90,000 and the female professional earn $77,000. According to

the survey PMP certified earn a higher salary than PRINCE2 certified

PRINCE2 agile– it’s a forward-thinking that combines flexibility and responsiveness of agile with the governance of the PRINCE2

PRINCE2 agile provides you with the structure of governance and control when working on agile concepts techniques and methods, the agile is supported by an exam and formal certification delivered by the training providers.

PRINCE2 Agile is applied in any type of project in the industry sector, its like PRINCE2 as it also has 2 certifications, the foundation level, and practitioner level

Buy Prince2 Practitioner Certification WhatsApp +1(539)901-5809

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Obtain Prince2 Certificate Online WhatsApp +1(539)901-5809

Get PRINCE2 Certificate Online WhatsApp +1(539)901-5809

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